Usage Guide

Using DRMyc products is a simple and straight-forward process, but it is important to follow these instructions as closely as possible for best results. If these instructions are unclear or you need clarifications, please contact us at or call/text us at our customer service number at 1(616)420-4204.

TL;DR can be found at the bottom of this page.

Further text instructions can be found below this tutorial video:

Mixing Instructions:

Step One: 
Purchase one of our MGP or Contam Reducing blends, if you haven't already (if you have, thank you very much for your business)

Step Two:
 Get a scale - if you have one already, great. You will need to utilize 0.5 grams of MGP Pure, MGP Plus (TrichEVICT) or JTT formula per 250ml of non-chlorinated water (or 2 grams per 1 L of non-Chlroinated water such as R.O., D.I., distilled, or spring water). 

** Sanitize your measuring spoon with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol before use. Be sure to reseal your pouch, and store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Once mixed, store hydrated solution in refrigerated area

Step Three
: Add the formula and water into a robust sprayer bottle, do not use Flairosol or similar fine-mist spray bottles. You may use more than 0.5 g of formula when used with more water ** (see mixing ratios table on page 2)

Step Four:
 Add either Reverse Osmosis Distilled or other non-chlorinated water to your sprayer bottle - add according to the ratios guide found lower on this page. Do not use chlorinated tap water

Step One: 
Spray twice inside of the grow tray, grow bag, or whatever surface your bulk substrate is coming into contact with. Ensure mist is evenly dispersed across the surface of your growing container.

Step Two:
 Add your grainspawn to the tray or grow surface. Break grainspawn up so it is ready to mix with bulk substrate material. Proceed to spray grainspawn with 4-8 sprays (for 5 lbs of hydrated bulk substrate/spawn material mix 4 sprays, for 10 lbs 6 sprays, and for 15 lbs 8 sprays). Mix grainspawn together using sanitary practices (surgical gloves) to ensure even distribution of TrichEVICT or MGP

Step Three: 
Ensure bulk substrate material has cooled below 110F. Once cooled, mix substrate and treated grainspawn material together using sanitary practices (surgical gloves). Once the substrate is mixed, and the top surface is in its final position, spray the top surface twice, ensuring even spread across the substrate's surface

Step Four:
 Cover your substrate and then place in your incubator at your preferred temperature. Do not disturb your substrate until the 5th day. Forget it even exists. TrichEVICT & MGP may speed up colonization sufficiently to where you are ready to introduce F.A.E (fresh air exchange) and put your gourmets into F.C. (fruiting conditions) by the 5th day. If your mycelium appears ready for F.A.E, do not hesitate - as overlay/matting may occur and will develop at a faster rate with MGP

Step Five
: For best results and for maximum resistance against contamination, reapply TrichEVICT or MGP every 3-5 days and/or use as a dunk additive between flushes

  • Before Starting: Just-the-Trich is an anti-contaminant concentrate that unlike TrichEVICT or MGP does not improve growth characteristics of your gourmet mushrooms. JTT was designed for use as a preventative treatment but may be used as a spot-treatment.
    Before using JTT, establish whether you're trying to prevent Trichoderma or treat a particular spot that you suspect is contaminated. If you have trouble preventing Trichoderma incursions, we strongly recommend the following:
    1. When mixing your substrate, mix in 5% gypsum or hydrated lime by dry substrate weight. This will create a more basic PH that is less likely to harbor contamination. In an area where recurrent Trichoderma is an issue, we recommend you utilize continuous HEPA filtration.

    2. If Trichoderma evidences itself early in your grow cycle (pre-introduction to fruiting conditions), you are likely working with contaminated grainspawn. To mitigate the risk of this happening in future, soak grains for 24 hours in a solution containing 0.5 grams of Just-the-Trich before boiling. It is best to clean up multi-spore syringes on agar, as even the best multi-spore syringes may carry contamination.

    Mixing Instructions:

    Step One: Get a gram scale - if you have one already, great. You will need to utilize 0.5 grams of Just- the-Trich powder per 250ml of non-chlorinated water. **See table for mixing ratios

    Step Two: Mix however much Just-the-Trich you feel you will use in the immediate future - mix to the ratios referenced in the table below. Agitate bottle so solution is well mixed before application 

    Application Instructions:

    Recommended Use - As a Preventative Treatment during Spawning to Bulk (S2B):

    Take your bottle of pre-mixed Just-the-Trich (JTT) and agitate so the sediment is disbursed in the sprayer evenly. Once the solution is equally disbursed, spray the grow bag/surface 1-2x until uniformly covered, then, add grainspawn. Use 1 spray per 2 lbs of substrate/grainspawn material.

  • Once applied, mix your grainspawn and substrate material together thoroughly. Once a final surface is achieved, spray 2x and cover.

    To use Just-the-Trich (JTT) as a spot treatment, simply mist the contaminated cake twice daily, exactly over the area of concern. Ensure you do not to overuse/saturate the cake with solution.**

    ** JTT has not been designed as a spot treatment, but many users have reported success when using it in this way, so the instructions for its use are included. At DRMyc, we always recommend getting rid of contaminated cakes before they saturate your gourmet mushroom grow area.


    - Mix the solution (ratio of 1 g per 500 ml)
    - Spray the liner, then the grainspawn during S2B. Use 1 spray per 2 lbs of grainspawn by weight.
    - Mix the spawn/sub together, and spray the top surface twice (do not layer your spawn/substrate)
    - Cover & incubate
    - If you then add a casing layer, do not spray the casing layer directly as you did with your top surface when spawning to bulk
    - Reapply every 3-5 days when in fruiting conditions by spraying the walls of the monotub, not the substrate itself