The Truth about Growing Mushrooms from MSS (Multi Spore Syringes)

If you found this page, you're likely thinking about purchasing, or purchasing a spore syringe to grow mushrooms at home - how exciting! Injecting your grainspawn or all-in-one grow bag with a spore syringe is the best way to start out in the hobby of mycology - you don't need to purchase a flow-hood, or other expensive gadgets such as flame sterilizers and scalpels - just jars or bags of grainspawn, and a simple injection of spore is all you need to be off to the races...!
multi spore syringe drmyc trichevict MGP Plus
But not so fast... Although M.S.S' are the best way to enter the hobby, even the industry's most well regarded spore syringes are inherently un-sterile. While you (with proper grain prep) will be able to have decent success with your grainspawn, latent contamination likely lays ahead - including Trichoderma, bacterial blotch, wet rot & bacillus infections, just to name a few - which can ruin your harvest and your dreams of becoming an at-home mushroom farmer.

Here at DRMyc, we are here to help you achieve your dream of being an at-home mushroom farmer!

Using DRMyc's famous MGP Plus, not only will you increase your mushroom yields 30-50%, but you'll also organically protect your substrate from contamination, massively increasing your chances of a successful flush, every time. Just 10 g of our MGP Plus treats 200 lbs of substrate, so one bag will often provide hobbyist mushroom growers up to a year of contamination free grows!

mushroom grower contamination multi spore syringe MSS drmyc mgp
To protect your harvest and to have larger yields, you can't go wrong with a purchase of our customer favorite MGP Plus - with over 3,000 customers, and 100+ real customer reviews, and a money-back guarantee you can trust your harvest is in safe hands with DRMyc.

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