Buyer's Guide

DRMyc currently offers three organic (chemical ingredient free) substrate probiotics: 'Just-the-Trich' for severe Trichoderma problems, 'MGP Pure' which focusses on increasing the yields of gourmet Mushroom grows, and our most popular blend, 'MGP Plus' aka the notorious TrichEVICT, which provides ample yield increases and contaminant inhibition. Use cases typically fall into one of three categories:

"I have no contamination, but I'd love you increase my mushroom yields"

In this case, DRmyc's MGP Pure is the best choice - it is packed with 9 mushroom growth promoting microbes that increase nutrient availability, solubilize phosphates that to help potentiate your fungi's ability to best express its genetics, transform atmospheric nitrogen into fixed nitrogen for uptake, and secrete VOC's that spur natural growth, including Indole Acetic Acid and multiple natural Gibberellins. You can expect to see an increase in yields that often vastly exceeds 30% from using the same organic substrate matter when using pureMGP (in one treated/untreated comparison, a customer's Blue Oysters increased from 70G to 158G, using TrichEVICT which is only 80% pureMGP). 

"I have moderate Trichoderma or other contamination that interferes with my yields but I almost always get a first flush" 

In this case, MGP Plus (TrichEVICT) would be your best option. Just 10ml (8 sprays of a robust cleaning style sprayer) per 10 lbs of hydrated substrate/spawn, and you will populate your substrate with 10 different microbes that will both protect from contaminants through biofilm formation, and increase yields through the secretion of metabolites such as indoleacetic-acid and natural gibberellins. These metabolites provide robust support which drives increased mycelial propagation, fruiting and nutrient availability. If you use MGP Plus and are still experiencing contamination issues, you may need to try our Just-the-Trich, our 100% anti-contaminant concentrate.

"I have severe Trichoderma or Contaminant issues. Usually before I put my substrate into the F.C. it already has visible contamination"

In this case, you likely have severe exogenous contamination present in your fruiting chamber, and may have improper sterilization procedures resulting in grainspawn that is contaminated with Trichoderma and other contams. If you're following a community verified "tek" to the letter (which you should, by the way) and still experiencing severe contamination, your environment is likely saturated with exogenous spores and other microbes. In this situation, you should use "Just-the-Trich" to treat your substrate when spawning to bulk, and refresher sprays or spot treat if you see any signs of contamination.


Here is a video that further describes the differences of MGP Pure, MGP Plus and J.T.T